In “The Cloud”, Everything Needs to Get Smaller

“The Internet” has become an abstract in the minds of its users.  The ease with which we all toss about the notion of applications “clouds” embodies this reality.  Apple’s recent introduction of iCloud reminds us, however,
that the physical realities of cloud-based services are massive server farms where the size of even integrated circuits impacts acre-size buildings.

Apple’s new $1B 500,000 sq ft server
facility in North Carolina makes this point real.  Designed to store 12,000 terabytes of data at a time, the building is estimated to have a capacity for over 2 million blade servers.  With almost 90% of card area given over to storage and comms interface, physical space is at a premium on a blade server.  In addition, component height defines how many blades fit into a rack - and thus how many racks are required to house a 12 petabyte capacity. 

Glacier’s AnyFrequency™ integrated circuit miniaturizes both the footprint and height of the various storage, comms and backplane reference oscillators on a blade server. While functional integration decreases footprint, the ability of Glacier’s synthesizers to work with standard-cut crystals decreases the height of the oscillator.  Glacier’s AnyFrequency™ products enable 2x3x1mm packaging - easily the best in class for reference oscillators.

As “the cloud” continues to evolve in response to ever-increasing demand for voice, video and data services to fixed and mobile devices, the sheer number of data storage servers grows exponentially.  Entrenched reference oscillator manufacturers such as SEIKO Epson, Kyocera, NDK, KDS, Rakon and Pericom are responding by creating smaller reference oscillators which achieve performance while minimizing physical space.  As Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple and others continue to enable “the cloud” through ever-expanding storage and transport capabilities, Glacier’s AnyFrequency™ synthesizers enables network infrastructure manufacturers to optimize the network that brings “the cloud” to reality.

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