Glacier’s AnyFrequency™ synthesizers are based upon a highly integrated RFIC that solves the problem of cost and performance for the timing control and clock distribution markets. AnyFrequency™-based solutions provide the industry’s lowest cost together with the highest performance. This allows Glacier solutions to compete in the highest ASP markets as well as in the highest volume markets where ASPs are most competitive.  As part of a real-time programmable solution, Glacier’s synthesizers today address more than 90% of the 1-billion-unit annual timing market.

AnyFrequency™ synthesizers are a one-time-
programmable (with GLink technology), high accuracy fractional-N PLL die designed for the oscillator market. The die attaches directly to a low cost 10-40 MHz crystal resonator. AnyFrequency™ synthesizers offer the following advantages:
  1. Industry’s best cost/performance balance

  2. Single Crystal reference frequency for AnyFrequency™ generation

  3. Off-the-shelf delivery of AnyFrequency™

  4. Replaces 1000s of unique parts with one programmable product

  5. Complete synthesized crystal oscillator reference solution

  6. Selectable crystal with flexible operation for high performance options

  7. No crystal plating or ion beam etching required in AnyFrequency™ production

  8. Future-proof with multi-frequency programming capability

Product Advantages

  1. Stable, ultra low jitter, CMOS, differential CMOS, LVDS & LVPECL clock generation

  2. Highly programmable for performance optimization/process calibration

  3. Programmable oscillator & voltage controlled oscillator operation

  4. Products are ideal for Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, PCI-Express, and many other applications where high performance is critical

  5. Clock output frequencies up to 1500 MHz

  6. Output Enable (OE) pin

  7. Capable of smallest SMT ceramic and plastic package types

  8. Small package options allow backside PCB mounting

  9. Pb-free RoHS compliant (by default; no additional code required)

  10. 3.3V or 2.5V device power supply options

  11. Very low current consumption

  12. Commercial (0 to +70 ºC) and Industrial (-40 to +85 ºC) temperatures

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