Management Team

Glacier Microelectronics’ management team is made up of veterans of the RFIC industry with a history of delivering leading edge RFICs in high volume.

Paul McCambridge – CEO, President
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Management Team

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Mr. McCambridge has 23 years of experience in the RF industry selling,managing and designing RF systems for communications and consumer products.  He is responsible for the strategy, business development and sales at Glacier. He developed extensive RF communication systems in the 80’s and cell phone IC’s in the 90’s. In product marketing at Xindium, Zeevo, Tropian and VLSI Technology, Mr. McCambridge was responsible for product strategy and product management for GSM, CDMA, UWB and Bluetooth products. He holds a BSEE, MSEE, and MBA from Santa Clara University.

Thomas Luich – VP, Engineering

Mr. Luich has over 27 years of experience developing RF, mixed signal and memory devices.  At Glacier, he is responsible for all aspects of Glacier’s product development from technical definition through implementation and ultimately qualification. Mr. Luich’s broad experience in RFIC development started with early programmable memory devices at Harris and Fairchild, moving to the industry’s 1st integrated PLL products at National Semiconductor. At Cygnus Designs he specialized in One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory development and integrated synthesizer development. Mr. Luich holds 20 patents plus 3 pending. He received his BSEE from the University of California, Davis.

Dave Byrd – Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Byrd has over 22 years of RF, mixed signal and memory development experience at National Semiconductor, Silicon Wave and Cygnus Designs. Beginning at National Semiconductor, Mr Byrd was a developer on the industries 1st integrated PLL products as well as primarily responsible for the design of numerous RF transceivers including ultra low power keyless entry systems. At Glacier, Mr. Byrd is responsible for technology direction and new product architecture development. Mr. Byrd is a holder of 5 patents plus one pending. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University.

Alan Chinn – VP, Operations

Mr. Chinn has 30 years of experience in operations management of RF and mixed signal integrated circuits, managing and developing RFIC manufacturing and test systems for communications and consumer products. Mr. Chinn brings to Glacier his wealth of experience in implementing and managing wafer fabrication, packaging and test development. He developed extensive synthesizer RFIC manufacturing systems at National Semiconductor, Tropian, Theta Microelectronics and Aspendos Communications. He holds a BSEE from California Polytechnic State University. Mr. Chinn has been previously responsible for shipping over 1B synthesizer products.

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