In a world where communications and cloud computing utilities are rapidly becoming as commonplace as running water and electricity, incremental economies of size and power consumption have a huge impact on the environment.  Reference oscillators are at the heart of wireline and wireless communications networks as well as the foundation of storage systems.  Glacier Microelectronics’ AnyFrequency™ synthesizer ICs bring “green” to timing in two distinct ways.

Most prominent is the 2x3x1mm packaging enabled by Glacier’s products, due to having the smallest die in the timing synthesizer industry.  In addition to die size, reference oscillators using Glacier’s technologies can take advantage of standard AT-cut crystals instead of the more complex and larger mesa crystal resonators.  Mesa crystals tend to be the driver on package height in timing products.  In a server farm where spacing between millions of blade servers defines the size of the racks, the height of the reference oscillator is a contributor to the physical size of the building itself.

The heat generated in racks and racks of blade servers is a key contributor to the physical size of a rack.  With as much as one-third of the floor space in a server farm given to air conditioning and electricity management, blade server component power consumption drives the size of server farms.  With over 2 million blade servers in a data farm facility like the ones being built and operated by Internet leaders like Apple, Google, and Amazon,  a savings of 15mW per reference oscillator (5mA at 3V) converts to nearly 100kW savings in power consumption from just component usage.  Less heat increases the energy savings through reductions in air conditioning requirements.  Glacier’s AnyFrequency™ products consume one-fifth the power of the competition, making Glacier a key contributor to increased efficiencies in the server farms that define cloud computing.

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