With the growing demand for bandwidth, next-generation telecommunication service providers are migrating towards a converged, packet-switched infrastructure extending from the core to the edge of the network.  Mobile operators are accomplishing cost reductions by migrating to an IP/Ethernet-based infrastructure which extends from the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) all the way to the radio base stations at the network edge.

In this migration, it is critical that synchronization of all network elements is maintained when migrating from circuit-switched (TDM, SDH/SONET) to packet-switched (IP) technologies.  Proliferation of small, low-cost, high-performance reference oscillators is at the core of achieving this migration.  These reference oscillators are the foundation of the timing “traffic cops” that keep today’s network moving efficiently.

By redefining the cost and manufacturability of reference oscillators, Glacier Microelectronics’ AnyFrequency™ products enable the move to IP-based telecom networks.  Voice and data are today communicated across a broad array of interconnected networks forming the Internet, each employing its own set of wired, fiber and wireless transport technologies.  Each has a unique set of specifications and reference frequencies for timing.  At each node within the Internet, high-performance reference oscillators enable timing solutions to synchronize data for optimum transport speed and efficiency while minimizing network capacity usage. 

As the complexity of the Internet increases, the demands on reference oscillator flexibility and performance together increase.  In order to avoid cascading data traffic errors and degraded Internet performance, superior performance is a must.  But with complexity comes the need for a flexible solution that can be configured to apply to many varied applications. Glacier empowers entrenched reference oscillator manufacturers such as SEIKO Epson, Kyocera, NDK, KDS, Rakon and Pericom by configuring a single AnyFrequency™ IC to meet the demanding range of supply voltage, output signal compliance, jitter and other performance specifications for optimizing Internet performance - without the inventory cost and manufacturing yield issues of traditional reference oscillators.

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In Today’s Network, Timing is Everything