In the main segment of the reference oscillator market - where performance demands exceed the requirements of the low-end XO segment for PCs - product complexity and yield are intensifying the focus on manufacturing cost.

The manufacturing process for this main segment of the reference oscillator market focuses on pairing a specific crystal with a specific printed circuit board assembly, specific integrated circuit, and a specialized crystal structure.  The result is an inventory-intensive manufacturing process which tends to yield marginally on a relatively high-cost bill of materials.

Glacier Microelectronics’ AnyFrequency™ products drive cost out of reference oscillators.  First, they enable the replacement of specialty crystal resonators with a single standard-cut, common frequency crystal.  This has a fundamental impact on manufacturing yield across multiple product lines.  A $5 600 MHz TCXO can cost $2 to manufacture; yield thus drives cost.  Second, Glacier allows entrenched reference oscillator manufacturers such as SEIKO Epson, Kyocera, NDK, KDS, Rakon and Pericom to configure a single AnyFrequency™ IC to meet a wide range of supply voltage, output signal compliance, jitter and other performance specifications.  Third, AnyFrequency™ achieves these cost reductions with a die area only 25% of similar products that rely upon MEMS resonator technologies and conventional programmable phaselock loop-based approaches.  Integrating Glacier’s products into performance-demanding reference oscilator applications such as telecom infrastructure not only redefines the reference oscillator manufacturing process, but also redefines bill of materials cost.  And does so in a surface-mount package so small it enables mounting on the backside of the oscillator circuit board - creating the smallest form factors in the reference oscillator industry.  

How does Glacier drive cost in the reference oscillator industry?  One die replaces 50 across the product lines of any one of Glacier’s customers.  And a single crystal replaces thousands.  Yields increase from the 70s into the 90s.  Smaller, lower cost industry-standard packaging.  Is there anything else?

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Driving Cost from Reference Oscillators