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Scott Smyser

Scott Smyser is a recognized expert in the frequency control/timing device industry, and currently does market and product strategy consulting in the industry. He has consulted for some of the major timing device companies and worked with timing device startups, including the SiMEMS resonator startups, formerly serving as an advisor to one of these companies, SiTime.
Advisory Board

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Most recently Mr. Smyser served as a Director and Principal Analyst for iSuppli, a leading market research and consulting firm for the electronics industry focusing on semiconductors and electronic components. There he managed communications and consumer research, in addition to leading the research for wireless technologies, including mobile handsets, WAN, WPAN, and wireless broadband. Over a five year period, he built the wireless service into the leading market research practice in the industry.

Prior to iSuppli, Mr. Smyser was the Product Marketing Manager for crystals and oscillators at Epson Electronics America where he increased North American sales revenue by nearly $50 million. In this position, he successfully launched key, next generation products for the communications market, and was responsible for setting product strategies and analyzing market requirements. Previously, Scott was an Applications Engineer at Tektronix, where he supported test and measurement equipment sales.

Mr. Smyser earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Mike Ure

Mike Ure has a wide variety of experience in all aspects of intellectual property and techology-centered transactions. He is a registered patent attorney. He is a former patent examiner (computers and software) for the US Patent and Trademark Office. Following the USPTO, he was a partner of Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis, a leading bi-coastal intellectual property firm (perenially ranked among the top five US patent prosecution firms prior to being merged with a large general-practice firm). Mr. Ure ran the Patent counsel office for Tropian, a Silicon Valley start-up, prior to its acquisition by Panasonic. Recently Mr. Ure was In-house counsel for Philips Electronics which spun out their semiconductor division as NXP Semiconductors, a world-wide top-ten semiconductor company, were he continued as In-house counsel. Most recently Mr Ure has formed Useful Arts, an intellectual property law firm.

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